Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kitties at Work

I'm working on the second version of the tudor-style cottage. It will be a double-storey house. Renovation work is not that difficult because the idea is already there from the first house but my KittyCats are distracting me.

I take them to work :)

My black MegaPuss are now full grown.

My Chateau Cats on the grounds in my skybox.

My Foxies are fascinated by the fire:)

I can't believe my KittyCats started from only 1 Firestorm Permapet to over a hundred. I haven't transfered them to the online cattery yet and most of the breeding cats are based on one of my parcels.
I try to keep the cattery neat. I wished they were not in 2D but they can be primmy if I let them run around like I do the other cats at the Mainstore and my skybox. Amazingly, they're not laggy for me.

So, if you're thinking of getting your own KittyCat, here are where you can get them at my shops, I've included the SLuRLs below:
KittyCats at the FOREVER KITTIES Mainstore.

My kitty shop at TOO ADORABLE sim.

My kitty stall at ScratchN Post Too sim.