Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is it time to grow up yet?

Today is my birthday.
First thing I notice is, nothing has changed much over the year. I still try to please people, adapt myself to whatever that pleases them and then feel miserable for doing so. In my real life, I have minimized doing this so why am I bringing my bad habit into SL? It's important for people who are special to me to like me, but should they also not like me for whatever I am and how I project my avatar? It's alright to compromise a little, but to do it till I loose all zest for slife, is it worth it? Do I have to be boringly normal in SL too? Like right now I just want to dress my avatar like an elven with pale skin and otherworldly look. In rl I can't project my artsy self but in SL, anything goes and when I think about it, being an elf is not so way out there. It's just the pointy ears.
If I can love them for what they are, warts and all, why can they not do that for me?

Today I want to be a mer-elf. Is there such a thing? It's SL and I can have my avatar looking anyway I want to. It is my fantasy.
skin: Essences Noodles Pastel subscriber gift
hair:.Liquence F2 in Natural fades
Illusions High Elf Ears
Zaara Nizam Head jewel/ Pearl Choker
*EC* Lumina Mermaid - Aerie Edition
Boudoir Water Nymph shell bra
pose by wetcat seadepth