Saturday, April 28, 2012

I almost lost my kitty

Last night my daughter left the door ajar when she went out and if it weren't for my scardy cat Nims, I'd never have known it. Nims circled around me with her furs all standing out so I knew something was wrong. The braver kitty Phebes went out exploring and got ganked up by 2 tomcats who were a bit confused coz she wasn't in heat and was chasing her around. I was freaking out and crying but she eventually ran back into the house.
Those 2 kitties are like my toddlers...except I don't have to change their diapers and hover over them too much. I love them so much, I can understand why some people leave all their money to their pets.
That was the highlight of my real life hahaha.
In sl, I did the fantasy faire hunt and got all the shards and the hunt gifts but when it came to the final part, I kept on clicking the books and got spammed. Well, it looked like spam coz it filled up my open chat. I have no clue what to do next so I went home to open the hunt gifts and forgot to take pics.
Here's a pic of me dancing at Runaround Sue's while I was writing this:) They play oldies 50's-60's music. I gotta say the DJ sounds very much like another DJ I like to listen to.
I still can't get over how this Christina skin from Izzie makes my avatar look so much like my daughter. Except she doesn't like to dress-up or wear make-up.