Thursday, June 23, 2022

Russel Renovated Barn


Russel Renovated Barn is a double storey home with a usable attic. It has high(5m) red siding walls and large white window panes and dormers.

There is a separate entrance foyer that will lead up the stairs to the upper floors and also separate entrance to the living-room, dining-room and kitchen. From the kitchen, a door leads out to the deck.

There are 2 private rooms on the upper floor and an open area. The attic has a spacious open area.

Russel Renovated Barn is 126 land impact and has a 17x22 base area. It is copy, mod and no transfer. It is partial mesh. It is UNFURNISHED.

I have added a rezzer for easy positioning. Please visit the Demo Area to see this house.

Russel Renovated Barn is available for 300L on the Marketplace and the Demo Area.