Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quirky Faced Pots

The last time I wrote about the Arcade Gacha was in March. Since I spent most of my time in SL building and staring at my Kittycats, I don't have much time to shop. But, I do read the fashion and Seraphim blogs and when I saw the pictures of the Quirky Faced Pots in the Arcade Shopping Guide, I knew I would be visiting the Arcade this month. Who can resist these? I got into the Arcade a week later after all the early shoppers has had their gacha fix and the place was no longer jam packed.

Above is a picture of my Kittycats Raye and Josefina with the pots. I didn't get all of the pots but when I started getting too many doubles, I had to stop. I did get both the rares. I'll probably go back later to try get the rest. It really is irritating not to get the whole set, but I'm sure that's the whole idea of the gacha!

Moon and Snow White Kittycat with the Quirky Faced Pots.