Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bikini Girls

Ever since I became a virtual tailor, I've been curious how other shapes, other than the smaller sizes that my avatars wear, would look like. So, when I did the bikinis, I took the opportunity to make different shapes and sizes.

Bikini sizes form left to right XXS, XS, S, M, L

Sizes M and L were the most difficult for me to do but in the end, I do like their figures the best because they look so healthy. I also did not keep the same face shapes, because then it would be boring. I notice when it comes to bikinis, sometimes, I had to fill out the butt and the hip saddle, and also I had to join the boobs or slide the gravity up and down to fill out the top and in the process, I had to shorten the torso. It was not an easy experiment. To me, that only means that when you want to wear a bikini, you might have to have a special bikini shape in your folder.

I wonder if fitted mesh will make having a bikini shape unnecessary.

I should have kept track of the skins I used, but I was too distracted by the shape slider so if my memory serves me, for the first picture, I think from left to right, Belleza, Wow, Modish, Skinnery, YS&YS. For the second picture, from left to right, Izzie's, Belleza, Modish, YS&YS, Glam Affair. I apologize if I made any mistakes.

You can get these bikini and their demos at the Mainstore, or Happy Town, or at the Monti Carlo Resort