Saturday, April 25, 2015

Boathouse-Cabin III

I thought I was finished with the cabin. I was wrong. I realised it would also be a great-looking boathouse for my small beach parcel and so I did some renovation work.

It's a very small building, only 12x17 so that it would fit the small parcel and still have space on all sides. And, if your parcel is land-locked, you can turn that boat parking area for your car:)

The kitchen from Bazar fits just nice, but then, I built the house to it's specification.

You can also view these pictures on my flickr.

The Michael's Modern Boathouse-Cabin III is now available for viewing at my in-world store and purchases can be made there or the marketplace.

40 Land Impact 
12x17 base area 
copy, mod, no transfer 
partial mesh 

I've also included a fireplace and log as the other 2 previous cabins but they are only available with purchases on the marketplace.