Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shoe crazy

When I finally found which sim the Ashraya Project was taking place(there are 2 sims), I tped there. I saw these shoes and was immediately smittened. The only down side was that I couldn't buy the matching mesh dresses coz I knew they wouldn't fit me. It would have been so much easier to just match the shoes to the dresses than having to find dresses from my inventory. Yeah I'm lazy like that. Just hate to think of styling.

Eww okay those patched-up pictures looks awful but photo editing is so tiring and I just wanna have fun!

Tryst Blues and Folk Festival 2012

I should have posted this earlier but better late than never.

Thursday - May 10th
4p - Fiery Otaared
6p - Blue4u Nowicka
7p - Steely Decosta
8p - Ganjo Mokeev
9p  -Beth Odets

Friday  - May 11th
5p - Lisa Brune
6p - AlexMays
7p - Quantamis Navarathna
8p - ReggieSunset Rookswood
9p - Voodoo Shilton and Mulder Watts

Saturday  - May 12th
12p - David Cziser
1p - Mamaa Saiz
2p - Ziffy Zarf
4p- Tukso Okey
5p - Bluemonk Rau
6p- AM Quar
7p - Fiery Otaared

Venue: the Wild Beach sim.