Monday, April 21, 2014

Going Casual for Business

I made 3 different patterns for this 2 piece outfit - floral, dots and plain. It comes with a short sleeve crop top with collar and a mid-length high waist pencil skirt. Sometimes, when the avatar moves, you could see the midriff. This skirt has great booty shape! And yes, I've been watching too much Kardashian drama.

FOREVER SUMMER Amelia's Navy Floral Business Casual

FOREVER SUMMER Amelia's Yellow Polkadot Business Casual

FOREVER SUMMER Amelia's Pink Linen Business Casual

other stuffs on Moon:
hair: *Dura-Girl*51(Black)
skin: Glance Anais August
jewellery: Donna Flora PRINCESS cream set
shoes: fri. - Diana.Heels (Black)