Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Zest for SLife

Eversince I upgraded Moon to bento, I feel SL rejuvenated.
Those finger movements are really something. I can't wait for fingers animating on musical instruments!

These are poses by TUTY which I bought at the eBento event.

Second Life is celebrating it's 14th birthday and of course there are hunts and freebies abound!

KittyCats Carnivalesque boy and girl kitties.

Breedable zebras from Awesome Breed Creations and a static pose horse from Elite Equestrian.

I accidentally birthed last year's SL13B Boxers instead of this year's Hush Puppies and so I decided to birth all the other BioBreed pups from previous years. The cats are going to be peeved!

I've been decorating MaryJane's Tree House on my kitties' parcel and the Polka Dots Patio Set from Chez Moi which I bought at the Cosmopolitan Event is just perfect for the deck. Even Marmalade and Amos my kitties think so:)