Sunday, November 30, 2014


My latest house is the Classica Chantal Double Storey House
This house is inspired by the French-style architecture with it's Mansard roofs. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, perfect for a big family without having to be in a large land parcel.

The garage can be turned into another room if you don't want to keep a car. The kitchen is large enough for all the family members to hang out while cooking is done. The bedroom downstairs can be turned into a study. There is even space upstairs for a small entertainment area.

House specs:
127 land impact
17x26 base

Here is the vendor pic:

The house can be purchased at the inworld store and the marketplace. Demo house is available for viewing at the store.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Cherrywood Rustic Farmhouse

Seems like I am in the mood for wood cabins. It must be the reruns of Little House on the Prairie.

I cut down on the prims by making the living, dining and kitchen one big space and using the same textures for the walls.

The house has 2 entrances. The back door goes straight up to the bedrooms.

The bigger bedroom.

The smaller bedroom.

The bathroom. In my earlier homes, I usually leave out making a bathroom and that will also mean lowering the prim count, because, really, avatars do not have to go, but sometimes, even in SL, people want to imitate rl so I have since, included bathrooms too.
Purchase and demo of the house is now available at my in-world store and Marketplace.

Picture of the house edited with pixlr effects.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cabins in the Woods

Some wood cabins I made.

These 2 pictures above are from the double storey version of the Cabin.

The Rustic Outpost I

The Rustic Outpost II

The Rustic Outpost III

Demos and purchases are available at the Mainstore and Marketplace.

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Grand Old House

Here is Miss Lucinda's Very Grand Townhouse:

This is a 4-storey Townhouse(basement and garage included) with very spacious rooms and an INDOOR swimming-pool! It has 9 rooms and 5 bathrooms. I've added chinoiserie wallpapers for this house to give it an elegant feeling.

Entrance foyer.

Indoor swimming-pool!

Garage and basement area.

House specs:
225 Land Impact
28x35 base
partial mesh, copy, mod

Demo house is available for viewing at Simple Things. Purchase is available at the Store and the Marketplace.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adventures in cat adoption

I never thought I would get a breedable cat but after living with Luella the Firestorm KittyCat and finding out more about the KittyCats pedigrees, I am impressed. So after checking the marketplace, I bought a 2 pairs of new borns from a seller. Unfortunately, the cats were not delivered even though marketplace invoice said they were. I informed the seller via a notecard and even though she made a redelivery, the kittens refused to appear in my inventory. Marketplace glitch I suppose. There goes my lindens!

I wasn't about to give up so I checked in-world, a place called **V's Kitty**  where they sell KittyCats. The KittyKats Mainstore only sells their Starter kittens and we can't choose what kind of cats we want. It's all random and I wanted a Balinese and an Ocicat.

In the end, I chose these 2, an Ocicat and an American shorthair.
It took 15 minutes for them to birth.

Aren't they the cutest little virtual things?

Here we're tickling them with peacock feathers no less!

And here is darling Luella who made me want to get a breedable. I have no idea why she likes the bathroom so much but she's always hanging out there.

A few days later, mama cat watching over her brood:)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Classica Blue Regency Country House

My newest house, now available at the Simple Things Mainstore and Marketplace:

The Classica Blue Regency Family House is a medium size house with spacious rooms for the family.
Perfect for a holiday at the beach(of course!) or a permanent home for a growing family.
There are 4 large bedrooms(1 downstairs which can also be turned into a library or family room or guest room especially for grandparents) and 3 bathrooms.
This house is all linked but it comes with a rezzer for easy positioning. The house is also copy and modifiable, but please remember that if you unlink all parts of the house, land impact will increase.
base: 24x28
land impact: 126
This house is unfurnished, but it comes with the rose bush and fireplace.
The bedroom.
The living area.
The kitchen.
The dining.

To see the demo house, please take this LM.

I use Bazar Floria to decorate for the furnitures in this house.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Something Groovy

New outfits from FOREVER SUMMER:

hair: .b - veronica (MESH)  - blacks
skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Linh SPECIAL "GLOSS" Mixedtype
eyes: Mayfly Keshie Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes - Hazel Shadow)
Blouse+Pants: {FS}Maggie Bohemian Blouse & Pants with Texture HUDS
sandals: {FS}Maggie Platform Sandals with Texture HUD

Available at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore. Demos are also available.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Classica Miami Black and White Beach House

Here is my latest build:

The Classica Miami Black and White Beach House is a modern Beach House circa the early 1920s and has been renovated into the 21st century. I was inspired to design this house after watching a lot of Hercules Poirot TV series. The best part is the high entrance area which I hope would make the guests go wow! A spectacular chandelier would be great there but I have yet to find a full perm wow kind of chandelier that is affordable so it is up to you to find one. Have fun decorating and furnishing the house!

This house has 2 spacious bedrooms with connecting bathroom, a 'powder room' in the dining room. The living room, the kitchen and the entertainment room upstairs are all spacious.

This house comes in a rezzer even though it is all linked together so that you will easily position the house any which way you like. The house is also copy and modifiable, but please remember that if you unlink all parts of the house, land impact will increase.

base: 33x28
land impact: 117

Please check the demo house at my in-world store.


The entrance.

The kitchen.

The side entrance.

Your LM to the Simple Things Store.
You can also get this house on the Marketplace.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Citrus at the Thrift Shop

I have been so busy with children and grandchildren lately, I've had to drop blogging for others except Citrus.
Citrus has this adorable short empire dress for this round at the Thrift Shop 7.0

The dress comes in 6 colours and I chose red for Moon. The printed fabric has a satiny feel to it that it could be worn at a cocktail(I'm quite obsessed about cocktail dresses at the moment) or a date like going on a boat ride.

Moon has been wearing this hair from Chemistry eversince I bought it from the marketplace. It reminds me so much of my own hair LOL!

What Moon is wearing:
hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Ivy - HUD.1
skin: New Faces - Wendy [Olive]
eyes: Mayfly Keshie Group Gift (Luminous - Mesh Eyes - Dark Olive)
jewellery: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/Rose pink
bag: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Diana Satchel Cream
shoes: {FS}Erica Strappy Platform High Heels with Texture HUD
poses: Kirin

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

Going to the Party

After making the cocktail dresses and gowns, I wanted something that would compliment the dresses and I decided a fur shawl would do just that.

What Moon is wearing;
hair: Exile::Check Out Time Naturals
skin:New Faces - Cheryl [Olive]
eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog, FREE COLOR)
jewellery: Lazuri Enchanted Diamond - Necklace Set
fur shawl: {FS}Faux Fur Shawl with Texture HUD
gown(pic1): {FS}Bella Jewel Glow Gown with Texture HUD
dress(pic2): {FS}Ami Cocktail Dress with Texture HUD
shoe: {FS}Isabel Cross Strappy High Heels with Texture HUD

The shawl comes in 9 different textures and I've made the shawls copy/mod so that it can be tinted. Demos are available but only for the copy version.