Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's no burden when you love them

There is less than a week left to Hair Fair 2017.
Here is Moon with Jackie Maine my bento Water Horse with pretty ribbons and flowers in her mane which I bought from Jinx. Moon is wearing hair from Yse called Favor which I bought at the Hair Fair. I've been looking for hair that can be tucked behind the ears. There is also a hud with 4 slightly different variations.

The necklace and earrings Moon is wearing is a group gift freebie from Heartsdale Jewellery[HJ] which I happened upon when I wandered into SWANK. Today Moon is wearing a different eyeliner and lipstick from the Deetalez Monica makeup HUD for a close-up picture.

My Zebras finally had their baby! It felt like forever waiting for my mare to pop her foal. Unlike my other breedables, the foal comes out live and for the first 3 days, her mother nurses her. I haven't seen any nursing animations and I'm not sure if there are. I'll have to find out.
Moon standing proud next to the mama pony. Since the Zebra markings is only a costume it can't be passed down to their offsprings. They are actually starter ponies and their baby is a Timor Bay mare.

And Baby makes 6.

My KittyCats sleeping on the deck. I haven't forgotten them.

Kristopher and Sadie are awaiting their last baby.

Riding off into the sunset and met the sea....