Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things that irritate me in SL

Just like other people in SL, I do have pet peeves.

1. Top on my list would be when I go into a shop to get a freebie and it turned out to be a dollarbie! Why can't store owners differentiate between these 2? I can imagine somebody new who doesn't have a linden to their name going to that shop and realises they still have to PAY!

2. Next would be people who ask for lindens. If you can't afford your SL lifestyle, please change it. What makes them think that I am a bank that they can ask for interest free loans?

3. Next would be demos I have to pay. I think that is so cheap and very unclassy at all. Tells a lot about the person.... like fussy, calculative, unsportsmanlike.... I can go on being negative about them.

4. Shops that are too freaking big! I hate it when I have to wait for hours for things to rez just to buy or look at something. I don't think it matters to shoppers if a shop is small, as long as it's well organized. Maybe it's just me. I'm old. To me, having a darn big shop doesn't tell me that they're successful business persons. This is SL, it's all virtual and if you have the money in RL you can just dump it in to make your business LOOK successful. Of course if they're selling builds and foliages, that's a different story. Getting lost in garden shops is one of my best pasttimes, rl and sl.

5. Prices. I hate it when items that says they're silks or diamonds or gold or any of the expensive real life materials becomes pricey in SL too. It's virtual! Why does a SL diamond ring cost more than a SL glass ring?  I can't even feel it or touch it and I gotta pay for just the word?

Hmmm so far everything is about money, but then, isn't that what it is all about nowadays? On to number,

6. Next would be people who gets all bent out of shape when my avatar do things like shoot other avatars and they start regalling me about what happen to some people they know in real life. Excuse me, this is a Virtual World and playing with guns is like when we were kids and playing cops and robbers. Anyway, if you hate it so much, just mute us!

7. People who have all these attachments on them that asks in open chat to label them and gets mad when someone does. WHAT IS THAT? If you don't like strangers typing all sort of nonsense, DO NOT WEAR them in public.

8. Security Orbs and ban lines. I especially hate those when I'm sailing or flying and it takes more than the freaking 3 seconds they let me pass. Excuse me. I had no idea your parcel is FORT KNOX!

I'm sure I have more but at the moment I have cooled down and the things I've typed seemed trivial!