Saturday, April 14, 2012

And Jack makes 3

I've been hanging out listening to live music. It was interesting. Trying to get some inspiration.
I was thinking of the Marlboro man when I did this picture. That is a guy pose I'm using and well, you know how guys like to smoke after you-know-what? I figured that girl would after she had shot some buck lol.
That mesh hair is from the wear grey event. I'm using the Aiko Belleza skin in tan. I really love this skin. It's like a chameleon. Reminds me of the Malaysian model/actress Nasha Aziz who can look malay, chinese or eurasian when asked. I included a picture link if about this malay girl:)

I never thought of myself as a romantic, but perhaps all this while I've thought me wrong coz here is a sappy picture of Carter and Tommy and Jack the dog.
Something is just not right with Tommy. I'll  have to take him back to the sliders:(