Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under the sea

Have you been to the Under the Sea Expo yet?
Lots of free hunt items. I really love that I don't need to tp from sim to sim to find them coz after a few times tping, I would crash without fail and being in the sim same defeats that. And I love it! I remember how it used to be that hunts were always on the same sim. I would rather have lag than crash anyday.
Isn't this hunt item from kittycats of a swimming cat adorable? Moon is also wearing a free Mermaid outfit from Evie's closet and whimsical seahorse rings on her fingers from House of Rain.
With this expo I have also made up my mind to make an underwater landscape and I've already set free a few dolphins on my water parcel. I let them roam too far so it is not so easy to take pics of all 3 of them together. Maybe next time.