Monday, December 3, 2018

Jackson Colonial Townhouse

The Jackson Colonial Townhouse is a 4 storey-high house with the basement and attic/loft included.

It is 186 land impact with an area of 14x23.

The main floor is divided into 2 areas and there are 2 closed bedrooms on the upper floor with an open area facing the front of the house. The attic/loft can be used as an extra bedroom. It also has it's own private balcony at the back. The basement can also be turned into extra bedrooms.

I have also added optional landscaping and strings of lights which are 28 land impact. The Completed Set is 214LI.

The Jackson Colonial Townhouse is available for 399L on the Marketplace.

Sean Holiday Cabin

This stone cabin is made for the beach and the mountain, for summer and winter.

It is only 60 land impact and 20x25.

It is high-ceilinged and open-spaced.

Sean Holiday Cabin is copy, modifiable but not transferable. It is now available for 225L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo of this house at my in-world store.