Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Pink Beach Cottage

Here is my second colourful beach cottage:

The vendor picture below:

More pictures:
The front verandah.

An open style room for living, dining and kitchen.

View from the kitchen. This house is really spacious.

Another view of the open stlye room.

The bedroom with the verandah.

Another view of the bedroom.

The bathroom.

The bedroom verandah.

This house is available for purchase at 129L at the Simple Things Mainstore and the Marketplace. You can also view the house at the Mainstore.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Blue Beach Cottage

I am inspired to build some colourful beach cottages and this is the first cottage.

It's a single storey house with one bedroom and one bathroom and a couple of verandahs. Below is the vendor picture:

Below is the verandah from the kitchen:

The bedroom:

The living and dining area:

The living, dining and kitchen:

The bathroom:

This house is now available for purchase for 129L at the Simple Things Mainstore and on the marketplace. You can also view the demo at the Mainstore.

I have used Bazar Floria furnitures and Interior Addiction for all the decor.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Brick House on the Water

It is no surprise that building houses for living near the waters is my favorite. But I'm also a city girl and I think my latest build combines both world.

You can stick this house right in the middle of the sea or next to a river with a road on it's side. You can even stick it on land!

Entrance to the house.

The Living/Dining/Kitchen area.

Another View.

The balcony with a View.

Ceiling to floor windows let in the light and makes the rooms look more spacious.

The landing turned study on the upper floor.

The bedroom.

house specs:
52 land impact
15x16 base area
partial mesh
copy, mod

I have also included a brick fireplace.

The Waterfront Brick Condo-Boathouse is now available for 129L at the Mainstore and the Marketplace. You can also see a demo of this house and many others at the Mainstore.

Furnitures used to decorate the house are from Bazar, The Loft and Noctis.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Amelia's Retro Houses

Before I went on my month long hiatus, I made a couple of houses. I finally completed the second house.

My single-storey version of a simple modern house.

The double-storey version has a slightly semi-circular upper floor.

These houses can also be turned into offices or stores:)

Both versions are available on the Marketplace and the Mainstore. Please check out the demo there.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Juliet Summer Sun Dress

I have made these dresses:

Moon wearing Juliet Purple Summer Sun Dress and cuddling KittyCat Mink.

Vendors picture below:
{FS} Juliet Purple Summer Sun Dress

{FS} Juliet Red Summer Sun Dress

{FS} Juliet Tangerine Summer Sun Dress

The dress is only 69L each and you can get them at the Mainstore or the Marketplace. As always, please try the demo available.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ferida Summer

Well it seemed I am inspired to 'sew' instead of 'build'. When I saw these 'fabrics', I thought it would look great with the Boho dress:

Moon wearing the Ferida Sunset Boho Dress and cuddling the pair of KittyCats that started my crazy cat lady phase.

There are 6 colours to choose from and as usual, there is the demo to try. The dress is only 69L each and you can get them at the Mainstore or the Marketplace.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

KittyCats Overload

I feel like I've been away forever! My last blog post was in April. Although I have been logging into SL at least once a week since then, I have only been on to pay the rents and feed my KittyCats.

And talking about those adorable KittyCats, my massive collection of cats gave birth to an even massive litter of kitten boxes!

So since yesterday, I've been stocking up my stores with KittyCats:

My KittyCats at the Mainstore in Farshore.

My KittyCats at Schilli.

My KittyCats at Too Adorable. Of so many new kittens born, I only got one Megapuss, the chocolate Ocicat with yellow eyes and she is a beauty!

My KittyCats at ScratchNPost Too.

My KittyCats at Vygg. I've placed most of my lesser trait Australian Mist kittens here.

Hopefully I'll have more time to work on future cat projects and also my house projects.