Saturday, March 24, 2012

Size M

Resistant is futile. My avie had a full makeover. Shape, face, skin, major boob reduction(cries) and all that jazz. I am now a very skinny and tall size medium as told by this very sexy mesh dress. I wanted to make it to size small but I looked too emaciated. Anyway I look very very not me so that's good I think.
[08:33:35] [OO] Avatar Examiner 1.2: Height: 234cm (7 feet 8 inches) counting your shoes
[08:33:35] [OO] Avatar Examiner 1.2: (You are gigantic for a male and enormous for a female)
But, next to an 8ft tall man I am still short. I still haven't done doing plastic surgery on Tommy.

Line dancing at the Quasar Country Saloon. I dunno what it is but I really love listening to country music. Some of the lyrics are so hilarious and some are just about reality.