Sunday, July 9, 2017

That breedable addiction

While waiting for my SL14B Zebra ponies to give birth, I went and bought horses...

Lilith is the reason I got hooked. I saw the Deliboz on display at the ABC SL14B exhibit. I was totally bowled over by her ruby scales, wings and horns. After getting comfortable with the Zebras, I went in search for the Deliboz.

Next came the Plains_Kaiila on the left, the most popular ABC horse breed. Looking at his markings and pointy ears, I can understand why. I'm mating him to the Percheron next to him. I love their braided manes.

What started with KittyCats has now spread to BioBreeds and ABC Horses. And I'm thinking I need a bigger place!

Me and my Boo.