Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Can you tell....

....that Moon is wearing a mesh body?
A few days ago I bought the WoWMeh mesh body. It would have been easy if Glance Anais has the applier, but since they didn't have one, I went on a search and today I finally found the skin I want Moon to wear.

Well, as you can see, at a glance, Moon looks the same. That's because I chose New Faces Mei Ling skin for her and she has retained her oriental look.

Anyway, when I used the mesh body, I had to adjust the shape sliders. Since the Slink hands and feet cannot go any smaller than XXS, I had to either add Moon's fat or her muscle or play around with both. It was frustrating.  In the end, Moon put on 1 size bigger because I couldn't seemed to make her any smaller without having gaps around the SLink hands and feet. Also, Moon now has thunder thighs because I can't make her upper legs slimmer without those gaping appendages. As you can see, it's still not perfect but I am satisfied at the moment.

Next, to try the body with my dresses. For me, this is the reason I bought the mesh body. I wanted to see if I can still wear my dresses with the mesh body because if I can't, nobody else could either.

All in all, most of the rigged mesh clothings are wearable and the ones that I have problems with are the ones that I can't hide with the available alpha layers on the WoWMeh alpha hud. If there are more layers, I think almost all of the clothes will be wearable. Of course, I still have to use the shape slider for some dresses.

Here are some examples where more alpha layers would help:
Looks good infront, but not from behind:

Another example:
Looks great from the front, but not from behind:
I've played around with the shape sliders to try fix them but it was not possible. I don't know if fitted mesh will help this problem(I'll have to try another time), but for rigged mesh, alpha layer seemed the way to go. I don't know if there are any other alternatives like making your own alpha layer for the mesh.

In my opinion, if you're not willing to tweak your shape here and there a little bit, then there is no way you will be happy with the mesh body.

Personally, I think this is a good mesh body. Hopefully the little flaws like having a good fit with the SLink feet and hands can be fixed. And also, the noticeable line flaw of the skins between the body and the neck can also be fix.

Also, I hope skin makers will also make tattoo layers(cleavage) for the mesh body because I have no idea how to incorporate the regular tattoos onto it.

Overall, I am happy with this mesh body. I'll probably have Moon wear this all the time. She does look healthier and she does finally look like a figure in a new computer game instead of a figure from the last generation :p

What Moon is wearing:
hair: Eaters Coma
eyes: Mayfly
skin: New Faces Mei Ling Olive
mesh body: WoWMeh
necklace: MG
shoes: Pure Poison/Six Bois

For more information on WoWMeh, here is the blog link.