Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday KittyCats

KittyCats has turned 5 and with their birthday, they've given us twin kitties!

These kitties are wearing some colourful costumes which are a combination of the past years' birthday kitties' costumes. They remind me of the colourful Mardi Gras.

You can get them at the KittyCats Mainstore. You shouldn't miss this opportunity to get these 2 free kitties because in the previous years, we had to go on a hunt to find the second kitty and you know how time consuming that can be for some of us.

At the moment I'm not building any new houses. I've been busy turning my little parcel into my KittyCats' Home and Garden and it's still an ongoing process. The house is still the Summer Island Lake House but extensively renovated. I'm happy that my kitties can now roam around further than they used to. I've even put out my Bloodhound from Virtual Kennel Club(VKC) and it's so funny watching him try to get into ridiculous places and even climbing up the roof of the house! But he sure loves the kitties and always hang around them.