Thursday, March 19, 2015

Romantic gowns for Spring and Summer

I love long floral dresses so I've made a few of them here.

Sylvie Slip Dress set comes in 2 mesh dresses, the inner dress is a long floral printed spaghetti straped dress while the outer dress is a crochet slip-on dress. You can wear them separately. For example, the crotchet top can be used over a bikini or jeans.

My Collectible CupidCats finally made a kitten called Always&Forever. Isn't he adorable?

Moon and the KittyCats at the Store:

And at home where the CupidCats gave birth while Moon was pampering Marmalade the Abyssinian Cat:

Below are vendor pictures of my dresses:
{FS}Sylvie Pink Roses Slip Dress Set

{FS}Sylvie Red Roses Slip Dress Set

{FS}Sylvie Pink Hydrangea Slip Dress Set

Available now at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore and Marketplace. Please try the demo.

On a side note, I have a new flickr account.