Sunday, May 26, 2013

of lags and patience and expos

I don't know if anyone has notice this, but where there are more mesh buildings, sims seem to lag badly. I don't understand it. I thought mesh was supposed to make things less laggy. Oh yes, now it's all about scripts but really is that true? I don't buy it because the lag now reminds me of how it used to be back in 2007. Yes that bad! Do I now have to upgrade my graphics card for the upteenth time just to prove that it is not script since my avatar move around with less than 50?

Anyway, I'll just be patient and keep on relogging if I keep on crashing because it has come to a point that I really don't want to keep on upgrading my computer. Especially since my son who is a computer geek tells me that I don't need to upgrade until next year.

Have you been to the Home Expo yet?

I love the garden and landscaping sets out there. I wish I had a huge plot of land to landscape and put my house like I used to do last year but the cons outweigh the pros so that will just be wishful thinking.
I have several more sims to explore but I crashed again so I decided to post this instead.