Friday, October 8, 2021

Gardening is like a jigsaw puzzle

 Other than building houses, I also love lanscaping on a small scale because my parcel is small.

Above is my Country Garden collection. I absolutely love the colourful flowers combinations and I can just imagine walking along their path.

Next is my Stone Border Series which is slightly formal but not really because it's also a riot of colours!

This is my Tropical Jungle Collection where you'd find the dense trees and green foliages with a smattering of colourful plants.

Above is before I even thought of making a series or collection, but when that creative juices start flowing, I knew that I had to have packs. The middle picture is a tropical waterfall for a 1024 parcel and that project started the creation of all the other series.

Please check them out on the Marketplace under Home and Garden.