Friday, February 12, 2016

LoveBirds and CrazyLove KittyCats

Today KittyCats came out with their Valentine Kitties Love Collectibles, the CrazyLove KittyCats and their Spring Collection, LoveBirds Collectibles. If you're an avid fan of KittyCats Costume Kitties like I am, you'd want to collect these colourful beauties.

See how colourful they are?

My LoveBirds Kitties Forever Yours and Hopelessly Devoted. Reminds me of a Canary and a Budgie.

My CrazyLove Kitties Delirious and Overtaken. These reminds me of watercolour batik prints. You can read more about the LoveBirds Collectible here and the Crazy Love KittyCats here,

Jaynie wanted me to hug her.

Can't forget Mic either.

There are a lot of kitty sales going on during this Valentine season. I've been searching for 'within-my-budget' and affordable Love Bees Kitty and a CookieCats since last year and I finally got mine for 500L and 1000L which are bargains! They're still recuperating. There are still a lot of other coloured LoveBees and 1 CookieCat left and if you're fast enough, you can get them here.

And of course Jaynie wants to say hello KittyCats.