Saturday, October 17, 2015

Maribella Cottage

I've ran out of names for my houses so I've decided to name them after my KittyCats.
The Maribella Cottage.

Before showing more of the house, let me tell you about Maribella. Maribella is from a long line of pretty kitties. Her great grandparents are Baby Blue and Ulysses and they have these beautiful whiskers called Dreamy and Ulysses have these beautiful bi-coloured eyes called Odyssey Kaleidoscope. All of Baby Blue and Ulysses descendants are absolutely beautiful to me.
Moon with Baby Blue and Ulysses.
 Maribella's grandparents Coletta and Motley with Moon.
Maribella's mother Bella Amore with Moon.
Maribella with the MegaPuss. Maribella inherited her great grandpa's eyes.
And recently, Maribella gave birth to this beautiful boy with the bi-coloured eyes called Exotic Treasure which he inherited from his father.

Now the Maribella Cottage:

The Maribella Cottage is a cosy craftsman style cottage. It has a separate living, dining and kitchen. On the ground floor, it has a spacious room which can be a guest/study room and a smaller room as a bathroom. On the upper floor, it has 3 spacious rooms.

Exterior of the house.

Front porch.
Living area.

Dining area.
Kitchen area.
Landing area.
Master bedroom.

House specs:
100 land impact
18x26 base area
copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
fireplace included(optional)

You can purchase this house at my in-world store and the Marketplace for 225L. Demo of this house is also available at my in-world store.

Have a wonderful weekend!