Thursday, July 25, 2013

A gift for You

I had the most confusing time while trying to list this freebie cabin on the marketplace because it kept on getting unlisted and then I realised that there was a banned word in it. After a few trials and errors, I realised that I cannot add the word FREE on the item. I guess people have misused and misled that word till it is now banned. So I had to delete the whole thing and renamed it again.
My beachcomber's cabin series have been quite a success story. I think it came out at the right time because of summer. I think I also didn't sell it for your arms and legs. I'm very grateful and I wanted to give back this little modified version which I am using so that my little beach wouldn't look so forlornly barren.
It's free and it's for anyone who happens to see my blog:)
Word of caution. It is 100% made in SL. No mesh.