Friday, August 12, 2016

Marianna Summer House

The Marianna Summer House is a double-storey house with 5 rooms; 2 down and 3 on the upper floor.

The living, dining and kitchen are open floorplan while there is a large family/entertainment area on the upper floor. Included is a swimming-pool which can be viewed through sliding doors and large windows.

View of the living/dining/kitchen open floorplan.

View of the pool from one of the lower floor room.

View from one of the upper floor room.

The spacious family/entertainment area on the upper floor.

View of the house from the poolside.

This house comes in a rezzer box for easy positioning.
The house is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. Some scripts are no mod.

The house is 150 land impact with a 28x35 base area.

This house is available for 225L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Demo of this house is available for viewing at the in-world store.