Thursday, November 12, 2020

Lady Luck

I've been walking around with my two rare Chinese Crested furbabies from Hextraordinary eversince I got them.

I got T-Bone on the first try. Pose is by Fashiowl. I like her poses coz they're filled with kookiness and if you're lucky, you can get them at affordable prices during the weekend event sales. She sometimes give away freebie poses too.
I was going for a retro 70's vibe and the turtleneck, big-belted mini and thigh-high boots are all from *COCO*.
The hair from Tram is not so retro, I know, but I like the messy, short style which gave off a youthful vibe.

At this time, I was still using Lelutka Simone Head and I just discovered how to use the BOM! I know, I am so late in that discovery and that bugs me but, I have been away from SL for almost a year except for a few minutes logins and I wasn't playing doll.

Well, now I am. I also found out that I could use my old system skins again, but who wants to use old, right? Time for shopping!

Anyway, I tested a lot of BOM skins which are essentially tattoo face skins without the tattoo body skins(this made me a bit upset coz that meant I had to buy a matching BODY BOM skin or a tattoo body skin too) I found [Mudskin] sold really affordable BOM skins. I liked their skin but a year ago, I found they don't have much choices for Lelutka skins but now they had 4 or 5 and I bought 3 of them! Above, Moon is wearing Hee Soo.

Then Lelutka updated their EVO Heads! I love their face animations! For the next 2 weeks I tested them off and on and it was a choice between Lake and Ryn. In the end I chose Lake for her strong and yet sweet features. Moon is wearing Palvin. Hair is from Lamb. Fauxfur jacket is from *COCO*.

Moon is wearing So Hee here. So Hee looks like Hee Soo's older sister. Top is from Erratic.

Here, I use the Glam Affair skin which came with Lelutka Lake 2.5 and also matching body skin which came with the updated version of Maitreya 5.3! Hair is from Tram. Boots from Gos. Dress is a freebie from Belle Epoque Rezday hunt. GO! GO! GO! There's a lot of freebies there and a 50% sales too.

Finally, I got Pink Lady on my third try. My second was a rare T-Bone wanderer. And that's why I feel lucky!

Coming soon is another 10L modern house in which this pic is taken. Almost all of the decors are old stuffs and their shops are now closed.