Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pulai Courtyard Villa

My next Courtyard home is more modern and tropical.

The Pulai Courtyard Villa is 113 land impact and is built on a 32x32 base.

Vendor pic.

The entrance to the house.

Stairs to the upper floor.

View of the open floor plan.

The Pulai Courtyard Villa is a double-storey house with 6 rooms and an inner courtyard. It has an open floorplan for the living, dining and kitchen area.
Double glass doors opens up into the courtyard from the living and dining areas . There are 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and 4 on the upper floor.

This house is perfect for families with older children or roomies.

house specs;
house: 113LI
base: 32x32
copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
some scripts are no mod.

This house comes in a rezzer box.

You can purchase this house for 269L at my in-world store or the Marketplace. Demo of this house is available for viewing at my in-world store.