Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

I wish all my friends, acquaintances and readers a very Happy New Year and I wish you all a better year than the year before.
I'm not one for resolutions, but for SL 2016, I hope I'll be doing more sim exploring and photography. I've really missed doing these. I also hope to continue building and be inspired by architectures and to continue my obsession of the KittyCats!
And, to end 2015, I am putting my Houseboat Village parcel as seen in the picture below up for sale for 30000L. It is an almost 1/8 sim, 7680sqm, 1757prims. It also has a protected and unblockable oceanfront, great for taking the boat for a spin.
If you're curious, take the LM here.

I had some time, so I took a short break at Calas Galadhon and took these 2 pictures.

The Farshore Houseboat parcel is finally sold today 23/1!