Thursday, October 7, 2021

Judd Modern Rustic Log Cabin


This little cabin is my modern version of the log cabin. I wanted to make it to have the most view and so I turned most of the walls into 'windows'. The upstairs open spaced bedroom still has privacy where there is a small window where the bed is placed.

The Judd is only 35 land impact and has a base area of 16x15. It would fit a 512 parcel but it would look better on a 1024 parcel where you can add trees around it.

I have also included a few pine trees and ferns. The pine trees are sculpt so you can stretch it to a big size tree and it would still remain 2 prims. I have also included a base island just in case yours is a water parcel or you want to put the house up in the sky.

The house is partial mesh, copy, mod and no transfer. I have included a rezzer version for the house for easy positioning. The house is UNFURNISHED. The furnitures in these pictures are from Bazar.

Judd Modern Rustic Log Cabin is available for 200L on the Marketplace.

Demo is available at Simple Things.