Thursday, June 28, 2012


The sun which I used to wordship no longer rises and moon is all I see.
Zombiefied and apathetic.

I commented that our feelings are ours alone and somebody said that our feelings affect others and can hurt them. Then he proceeded to say I hate you just to prove the point. My first reaction was wt* but I kept that thought to myself and emotionally I didn't feel any big sadness just disappointment. I don't know what is happening to me. Has all this years of keeping my feelings in check slowly making me emotionless. Or maybe disappointment after disappointment is turning me this way.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hair Fair 2012 Photo Contest

I love dressing up my avatar and hair is one of my weakness. And since I also love taking pictures of my avatar... vanity, no doubt, so...

Analog Dog Bam! only 150L at the moment
YS&YS necklace and earrings, past TDR
Poetic Colors Irish Sea
Dutch Touch Fiep(I am still in love with this adorably cute face)

Exile Girls of Summer Dark Brown
Kungler jewelry
Poetic Colors Mocha
Belleza Aiko

[69] Diva Dark Noir
Mandala necklace and Earrings and medium color-change nails
YS&YS bangles(free past gift)
Belleza Aiko
D!va Chika blonde
Donna Flora Princess set
Dutch Touch Fiep

Exile London Rain Chardonnay
Pixelmode jewelry(past group gift)
Dutch Touch Fiep
Insolence lingerie(very old!)

....and YES! How can I not include my most favorite style of all. The HAT! Wearing this hat makes me wanna cry out, yea go ahead, try f***ing with me and I'll git my shotgun and freaking blast you out of #$%@&%! You know what I mean?
Exile Andrej California, Reek hat
League  Vintage jewelry(past 50L friday)
Dutch Touch Fiep

Maitreya Siobhan Golden Blonde
League Jewelry
Leagueskin Taylor
Poetic Colors Carribean

Truth Ebony Night
Belleza Aiko

**Most of the poses I use are from Apple Spice and Di's Opera. I love dramatic poses because that's about the only kind of drama I will allow in my life:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rust-week26 colour challenge

This adorable vintage dress is from Purplemoon, called the Cha Cha dress in Black/Orange.
Hair: D!va Collarbor88
Necklace: Donna Flora
Pose: Di's Opera

I found this old dress from [Orta] called Isabella dress in rust. It was an opening gift outfit.
Boots: Coco EngineerBoots Black
Hair: Truth
Jewelry: :Amorous:
Pose: Apple Spice

Top: :::Sn@tch::: Candy Darling Rust
Skirt: :::Sn@tch::: Trocadero Rust
Hair: Lelutka
Jewelry: :Amorous:
Pose: Apple Spice
Bag:!!KKBB!! Jenette Purse(I think I found this freebie in the marketplace)
I feel that this is a very fun ensemble especially with the hair but that is a hair-style I would never wear in real life. I love love boots in real life and I've worn to death a few.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shallow and superficial

I had an argument with someone a few days ago. I rarely have arguments. I usually give in or I'd just leave and be quiet about it. This argument hurts coz it was like a character assasination of myself. This friend of mine likes to laugh at noobie-looking avatars so one day he surprised me with this very ugly-looking clownish avatar. I told him he was ugly and when he wanted to dance with me, I said no, it would ruin my reputation. It was really a joke because I have in the past worn weird avatars. Unfortunately he did not take it as such and he then proceeded to show me how other people would dance with him and said he was disappointed I was that shallow. I then said I must have hurt something deep inside him and he said that I must think I am ugly in real life so that I have this need to put all those pictures of my avatar in flickr.

I know all these are not true that I am not like that, but when someone says that of me, I can't shake it off my mind and it makes me wonder if maybe there is some grain of truth in it. Maybe I shouldn't have said he was ugly. I guess I thought we had passed that stage and could really say what is on our minds. At least he always say what's on his mind, so why can't I?

Always I try so hard to please everyone but it is getting so hard to keep on doing this.

Anyway, this so called shallow women has to get her mind off her seemingly silly problems and so I did the only think that takes me away and that is taking pictures of my favorite subject.

This is a gown from Paris Metro called Hibiscus in Fushia. At the moment it's 300L.
This is the anniversary gown from Purplemoon. The gown and the jewelries are part of the hunt. There is a hair included in the hunt but my avie looks ugly in it so I did not wear it.

I really enjoy listening to live music. Johnny Paramour sounds so much like Blake Shelton sometimes so you can imagine his presence can fill up the sim.
So I thought I'd leave my hat on while I relax in the bath reading a book.
I was talking this picture when my buddy tped into the skybox and screamed. That was hilarious!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time flies

I have no idea what I am doing lately. Seems like I don't have enough time for me. Or maybe I am starting to be doing things very, very slowly like old people do which doesn't make sense coz my mother is like a mini power-house.

Anyway, one of the things I love about live music, apart from the fact that I just love listening to them.... I can even 'suffer' through my daughter's heavy metal band just because she wants me to hear them play. Who understands what the heck these kids are screaming about? For me, if I can't hear the lyrics means I won't enjoy the music... unless it's instrumental. Of course, I am no musician. You know, when you stare at a modern art painting, all you can see are the colours and nothing else makes sense. That's me. Just like I don't like it when people don't talk straight to me and beat around the bush as if I can read their minds. Even if I can feel some empathy, I am not gonna work on that. Just say it straight.

No idea where all that rant came from. Must be the heaviness from last week's conversations.

Hooo! Music save my life as always:)

Listening to Tukso Okey playing his guitar. I really enjoy hearing all the guitarmen in SL perform. Who needs words.

My sldad lost all of his male dogs. Fortunately he had given me Ace, so now Ace is back on the farm, happy to be a stud:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colour Challenge Week25-Unmellow Yellow

If you're unmellow, does it mean you're hyper?

My take on a cheerful yellow colour. I am glad I didn't have to buy anything for this week's theme although that funky earrings are from the Famesh event.

Friday, June 15, 2012

mesh dresses for Carter

These 2 mini dresses and the skin are from the Valentines Brazilian Hunt going on at Ricielli. Each item is 15L.
This pink halter is from Bilo during the Mesh Around hunt. I think it's over. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something old, something new

Old, old Dutch Touch minidress called Six with Truth's mesh hair.

Shiki's gown from the Gypset set and Diva! updo makes for really mature look, slightly tousled.... and tipsy?

I had to wear this Maitreya hat again with the old Lelutka's sarong gift.

I'm just glad that some old dresses still look good coz I will not be dictated by fashion designers how my body should be. This reminds me so much of real life. *sighs*

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Colour Challenge Week24-Raspberry Glace

I am glad I had already prepared this week's colour challenge days ago because these past few days I've been busy taking pictures with Del:) I'm smiling coz he makes me smile.

You know, when people keep their words in SL, I really do appreciate them. He is one of them.

A promise is a promise where ever we are.

Gown from The White Armory. Hot brunnette.

Dress from Zaara. Cool Blonde.
Raspberry Glace makes me think of pie topping.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Imma Mess

Well that is how I feel but I've been keeping up appearances and my friend Del does make me laugh so that is a bonus. Yea some people might say I gotta face the problems head on but some people are not walking in my shoes so what do they know?
Anyway, I did some hunts but I try to be very, very selective on account of my inventory which keeps on ballooning.
I went to [Noctis] for the Silk Road Hunt and although I found the hunt item, I bought this chinese screen from the sister shop across the road. I think it fits my apartment better.
This buggy is from the Michigan Shack's Mesh Around hunt. I feel empowered driving this big hunk.
Woot! Hat and hair from Maitreya. I was wondering when they were releasing new hair coz I sure can't wear mesh clothings. And I am so glad that Di's Opera is around again coz I really like her poses.

More poses shots. I'm wearing Zaara's sexy Svara dress, Truth's Ebony, [Doc's V2]8 hole,  [Mandala]Sinra jewelry and Sn@tch fishnet leggings.
Did I miss anything? Probably coz I'm no fashion blogger...

Oh yea, Del kept asking aka pestering me that we take pictures together and coz he cracks me up so much, this is what we did:

Did we blind anyone with our colour choice? Don't we look retro?
We had a blast!
Then Purple Poses came out with guitar poses for the guys and I just HAD to pose eventhough she said the girls' poses were coming out soon.
I love Grace Slick. This pose is inspired by her. Although don't I look like Valerie Bertinelli? Yea yea I am from that era. That rocking hair is from Exile.

Wow, for a girl who's a mess, this is one long post!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colour Challenge Week23-Pistachio

A friend told me that fresh pistachio is reddish in colour and even showed me picture of it, but I think I'll stick to the greenish version.

Both these gowns are from The White Armory.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Decorating again

I redid my bachelorette skybox(reBourne Manhattan) coz I got bored.

I never thought I'd have any pink furnitures at all coz that's like too girly, but look at my bathroom!
Depoz is having a 295L weekend sale on complete bathroom and kitchen sets. This is so worth it.

View from the kitchen which is from Bellebelle, unmodifiable and quite primmy and no poses too but it's just the perfect size.

Most of my furnitures this time around, I bought from the Masai series from Urbanized.