Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Jaynie's Cottage

Jaynie's Cottage is a small double-storey cottage with one bedroom on the upper floor. The lower floor is open concept. Upstairs, there is an open room that leads to the bedroom.

This is a front facing cottage with no back windows or doors.

My main purpose is showcase the front of the house so that I can add lots of flowers in the beddings, wisteria falling down the walls and flowers in the window boxes for that English cottage look with it's garden.

The window shutters and the windows can be opened and closed individually.

Jaynie's Cottage specs:

house: 56LI, 18x9

cottage garden front border 1: 29LI
cottage garden front border 2: 29LI
wisteria and flowers in window boxes: 31LI
pine and lilac trees grouping: 26LI
wall and base(28x21): 10LI
pathway: 1LI

house and landscaping: 182LI, 28x21

I have made 2 rezzers, one with just the house and one with the house and landscaping.

Jaynie's Cottage is copy, mod, partial mesh and no transfer. Some scripts are no mod. The house is unfurnished. The furnitures I used are from Bazar.

Jaynie's Cottage is now available for 224L on the Marketplace.