Monday, September 28, 2015

Breezy House II and III

The idea of making open-planned houses suddenly seemed like a good idea to me and I was inspired to do two more Breezy Houses and this time, both had boat docks. Because I like water:)

Breezy Coastal Family House-Boat III is one of my bigger houses going at 29x29 base area and only 107 land impact and it has both a boat dock and a car garage as can be seen by the picture below:

It has an open floor plan for the kitchen, living and dining area. Behind the kitchen is a smaller room which can be a powder-room or a study/office.

Upstairs it has 3 large rooms which are meant to be bedrooms and a medium-sized room which can be turned into a bathroom.

If you're interested in this house, I'm listing it at 225L and it's available at the Marketplace and my in-world store. 

The second Breezy House is a combination of the first and third house. It is 72land impact and has a base area of 22x19.

 It has a boat dock but a vehicle can be parked on the empty area infront of the house.

In this house, there is only one closed room with a balcony.

This house is selling at 99L and is now available at the Marketplace and my in-world store.

As usual, please look at the demos available at my in-world store if you are unsure.