Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bayu Beach House

It's time to go back to the sea and Bayu Beach House is just the home for it!

It's a single-storey home with lots of space and even a swimming-pool.

Collage of the house exterior.

The roofs are so high, you won't ever feel claustrophobic!

Above is when I decorate the house with furnitures from Bazar. The house comes unfurnished.

The pergola-covered outdoor lounging area where you can watch the sea and feel the breeze, have barbecues and dip in the pool if you're worried of getting bitten by sharks.

The living/dining/kitchen is one open space. There are 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom has as en-suite while the other bedroom has to share with the guest:)

The house is 102LI and the stepping stones are 6LI. The landscaping is 60LI. If you want to further reduce the land impact of the house, you can also un-link the lamp fixtures.

As usual, the house is copy, mod and no transfer and some scripts are no mod. I have made a rezzer for the complete set.

Please see the demo of the house at my in-world store. The house is available for 599L at my in-world store and the marketplace.