Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Connor Country House & Stable


So, another house for my Clydesdale Connor!

Connor Country House & Stable is especially made for the Awesome Breed Horses. It is a small and narrow double-storey country house with adjacent stable for 3 large horses. I have also added fences so the horses can't escape(not that they ever will!)

It is made of old white brick and rustic wood. I made the shutters blue to match with the roof to get thatbeachy feel. Next to the stable is the tack room, or laundry room, or what ever you want it to be. From that room, you enter the kitchen/dining which also leads out to the entrance.
Upstairs is the living area and the bedroom.

Connor House & Stable is 62 land impact and has a base area of 19x12. 

It is UNFURNISHED. Furnitures in the pictures are from Lisp, Kazza and ChezMoi. The house is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. Some scripts are no mod. I have also added the climbing ivy and trellis as part of the house.

Connor  House & Stable is available for 160L on the Marketplace.