Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The long awaited Kittens

Finally, my Forget Me Not KittyCats and my Birthday KittyCats gave birth to their kittens! And to make it all worth the wait, it was a pair.

Birth of the Forget Me Not kitten. The package was a brown heart.

Birth of the Birthday kitten comes in a birthday cake.

These are the kittens after they were birthed or 'unpacked'. I am starting to see the appeal in the costumed collectible KittyCats and it doesn't matter if they're 9T or if they're 1T(I am still confused about these Traits). As long as I like them then they've done their job. I mean, who doesn't think these cats aren't adorable in their cute costumes?

Playing ball with the cats!

In the 2 pictures above, Moon is wearing my latest dress which I haven't gotten around to posting yet. I admit, these KittyCats have been occupying my limited time in SL!