Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rocking Princess

Perch brings these cute dresses for Cosmopolitan Sale Room which reminded me of little princesses, but Moon is no little girl so I glammed her up with these rocking boots from Holly and added Donna Flora's pearl princess set for a rich girl look.

Perch - Sweet Dress - Berry Plaid

I love these boots! I said that before and obviously, I couldn't get enough of them. And at Fi*Friday, they're only 55L so I got them all. If they were costlier, I would have been more disciplined in the money department. ♥

Perch - Sweet Dress - Blue Dots
The bag is from Azoury which I had bought from L'Accesoiries a while back.

Perch - Sweet Dress - Grey Dots
The hair is from EatersComa and Moon is wearing my favorite Glance Anais August skin. She is also wearing pink lipstick from Izzie's Christina Lipstick and Izzie's eyeliner set.
I use poses from Di's Opera in all these pictures.

It did occur to me to carry a dog....

You can still get this cute chihuaha in it's carrier from Tuty's  for free at the marketplace.