Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Village house(freebie)

Also called Rumah Kampung in Malay, it's a traditional Malay house, found in villages and coastal area around Malaysia.

This is my take on it, a very simplified version. I wished I know how to use Blender so that I could add in the delicate carvings and the elaborate roof and lessen the prims. As it is, this house is 69 prims. The stairs are mesh and the shutters are sculpt.
I've put it on the Marketplace as a freebie. It would look great on an island.... which reminds me that I should make a house with a glass floor so I can see the fishes swimming!

My Aussie friend asked me where do they sleep? When it's time to sleep, they'd roll out the mattress which is like a tatami and sleep anywhere in the house! Oh the Simple Life!