Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meme: Strike a Pose Challenge

Miss Strawberry has another Meme Challenge .

Meme Instructions: Share a picture of your favorite pose or a list of your favorite posemakers on the grid! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the blog memes flickr group.

I have so poses, I can't really say which is my favorite posemaker. I look for affordable poses. I'm the budget conscious buyer no matter how tempting a pose is, I'll think a zillion time before I make that final decision to buy or not. If I buy that expensive pose, I'll probably have just a couple. 
I have several pose stands in my skybox and the poses I use the most are from:

1. Purple Poses
2. Di's Opera
3. Glitteratti
4. Apple Spice
5. Ma Vie

When I do couple poses with my alt Carter or ManAlt, I would mix poses from different posemakers and I would even use a pose fix to change the position of an arm or face so that the couple would look like they're looking at each other or holding hands, etc. This process is a bit tedious (which I did with the pose above so that Moon's hands are not poking into her torso) so I rarely do it.

I've also made some poses but I didn't have the passion for it so I stopped.

Also, ever since I started blogging for Cosmopolitan Sale Room, I've had the opportunity to use poses from Eternal Dreams, Sup Poses and Nantra which are also good.

But for my everyday poses, I will normally use the poses that I have purchase. I know I could use the poses that I've blogged but you know, if I forget to credit them, I'd feel bad and they might feel mad. 

Just like the pose I took above, although it is one that I bought, I've forgotten who made it because I'm not logged into SL at the moment! So to make it all the same, I'm not posting any credits.