Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Meme: Autumn Challenge

It's Monday Meme Challenge from Miss Berry again :)

1. Is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not? Spring is my favorite season. The colours are bright and cheerful and the weather, if I remember, is drier. Autumn comes a close second though. The colours are warmer but I don't like putting on too many pieces of clothings. Which makes Winter the worst I guess:)

2. Do you call it Autumn or Fall? Where I am from, we learned British English but when I went to study in the US, it was American English. So both works for me.

3. What kind of weather does your area get during this season? Malaysian weather is quite finicky and it hasn't rained in a week so it has been very hot and suddenly it's raining right now! It's 29C/84.2F tonight. 

4. Which color do you always associate with autumn? Rust

5. Which Autumn themed sim is your favorite at the moment? It has to be the Calas Galadhon sims. I took the picture at the Mirromere sim over looking my favorite Armenelos sim.


  1. I love the casualness of your picture. Looks so natural, thanks for participating!

    1. Thank you Berry. It's always fun to participate in your meme:)