Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sean Lake Cabin


Sean Lake Cabin is another small, low prim cabin. It is modern and minimal. Although it is named a lake cabin, it can also be a cabin up in the sky.... a skybox.

It is 7x9 plus an extra 2 for the landing and 11 land impact. The one room cabin is partially divided by a louvered panel so that you can have a separate privacy area.

Sean Lake Cabin is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is unfurnished. The pictures are just so you know you can fit a bed and sofa and a few other things in there:)

Sean Lake Cabin is now available for 10L on the Marketplace.

I think this is my final 10L cabins for the time being. I am itching to build bigger houses now:)

Hope you like it!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Sean Urban Cabin


I had so much fun doing the last 2 container cabins I was inspired to do more. This time, the Sean Urban Cabin is half a container with a pergola for shade and aesthetics..

Imagine dropping this little cabin on a roof top in the City.... or anywhere you want.... Up in the sky. Or stack it one of top of the other.

Use it as a dressing-room. Use it as an office. The possibilities are endless!

Sean Urban Cabin is only 10 land impact. The cabin is 6 LI, 6x6. With the pergola, it is only 6x11. I have also included just the cabin without the pergola.

It is copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh. The no mod sign is the script. This dwelling comes unfurnished.

Sean Urban Cabin is now available for 10L on the Marketplace.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Container Cabins


The Beach Container Cabin is very simple. Basically, it is a one room abode, only 13 land impact and the room area is 6x13. It is meant for when the beautiful beachy days are not so beachy and you have to stay in-doors but you still get to see the amazing view.

Also included is a the Urban Container Cabin which has a different texture for that modern feel.

The cabin is copy and mod, no transfer, partial mesh and unfurnished. You see the no mod only because of the script.

And, as my appreciation to all those who have enjoyed my creations as much as I have in putting prims together, I have made these cabins available together for only 10L on the Marketplace. I hope you will also like them too:)

Friday, October 9, 2020

Lulu Beach Hut


Lulu Beach Hut is a wooden one-room house on high stilts.

It has louvered walls at the entrance verandah to let the breeze in and shade from the heat. The shutters are scripted to open and shut. The deck, which is not linked to the house, is additional living space. So is the area below the house.

Lulu Beach Hut is 67 land impact and 9x12
The deck is 5 land impact and 13x5.5
It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh.
I have also added optional tropical foliages as seen in this picture.

Lulu Beach Hut is now available for 200L on the Marketplace.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Mimpi Kampung Hut

This one is inspired by the village-style houses:

Mimpi Kampung Hut is a simple wooden house on stilts. In the Malay language, Mimpi means dream and kampung means village. Mimpi Kampung Hut is 95 land impact and is 13x21.

The house is high enough that you could walk below it.

The front of the house.

The balcony are with the window shutters and door opened.

The inside of the house is spacious and airy. There is only this one open square room. The door leads down to the lower room.


This is the back area. The door leads into the lower room.

The window shutters can be open and closed.

Usually, the lower room is the kitchen but you can turn it into what you want it to be. The kitchen doesn't come with the furniture. I'm just showing that it's big enough to have a complete kitchen. These are from Bazar.

Mimpi Kampung Hut is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh.

I have added a REZZER for easy positioning and I have also added the 2 tropical borders. Mimpi Kampung Hut is now available for 224L in the Marketplace.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

LaizeyDaze House


LaizeyDaze House is a small one bedroom double-storey home built for living on the water. But you can also place it on land.
It has a kitchen are and a shared living and dining area on the ground floor. The kitchen has a double-door that leads out onto the deck/porch. The living/dining area has 2 exits, one with a double-door adjacent to the kitchen and another side door.

Upstairs is the bedroom with lots of spacious balcony and above the room is another spacious area for enjoying the view.
LaizeyDaze House is 43 land impact and 19x17 which fits nicely on a 32x32 parcel(1024). It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is unfurnished. The furniture in the pictures are just decorating suggestion so that you know that the house is not too small to fit in furniture. Most of the furniture are from Bazar.

I have added the 2 cacti in the planters, just in case you also like cactus. 

I have also added a REZZER for easy positioning. The house is linked and if you unlinked it, the land impact will increase.

LaizeyDaze House is now available for 190L on the Marketplace.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Carter Beach House

The Carter Beach House is another home with an all-around view and not only meant for the beach. It is 44 land impact and 21x22. It will fit a square 1024 parcel(32x32).

This is a one bedroom house where you can walk out of the bedroom through the double doors and onto the back patio and straight to the kitchen.

The kitchen is separated from the dining and the living area. I have made the walls, windows and doors larger than usual and if you find that it is too overwhelmingly big, the prims are all linked together and you can just modify it down to a smaller size. But, be warned, you might find that you cannot fit that prefab kitchen anymore!

There are 2 versions of the Carter Beach House. One has a sloping roof and the other has a flat roof for the bedroom's roof. I couldn't decide which looked better so I've added them both.

I've also added REZZERS so that you can easily positioned the house. I've also added 2 styles of decorative cacti in square planters. They're 3LI and 4LI.

Carter Beach House is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is now available for 190L on the Marketplace.

Carter Beach House is unfurnished. The furniture used in these pictures are from Bazar.