Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taking that step

I was scouting Sand sim at the Hair Fair today when I heard(well you can't hear, you read actually) the girls infront of me talking in Malay and I butt in and next thing I know they tped me to their hangout. I have never purposely looked for other Malaysians in SL but listening to them chat kinda of made me miss my people.
Funny thing is, we act the same as other SL residents too!

After I showed them what I usually look like in SL,  we just had to dance while the guy watched our avatar physics go ballistic lol. I was getting ready to go to a Johnny Paramour show actually.

It was really packed and I crashed 40 minutes later:( You really should go listen to him sing at least once coz then you'll be wondering, why is he not singing in RL? He is THAT good.

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