Monday, January 20, 2014

an Evening to Remember

I've been quite busy rl these past few days but I did manage to complete a couple of fitted gowns. 

FOREVER SUMMER Pink Sequin Batik halterneck Gown

FOREVER SUMMER Gold Sequin Batik halterneck Gown

What else is Moon wearing:
Hair: >TRUTH< Eden -  black & whites
Skin: [ PXL ] FAITH Glitter VIP Gift
eyes: Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Arctic Glacier)
Jewellery: Lazuri Enchanted Diamond - Necklace Set
shoes: Maitreya Gold Liaison - Color Pack #2

I also almost forgot that today, the 20th of January is Moon's RezDay. I've never taken her RezDay seriously because I always measured my time here on SL as my original avatar Carter but I have to hand it to this avatar that I've stayed in SL this long, have moved from being a mediocre role-player to exploring regular sims to building houses to tailoring! I do miss puppeteering a blonde avatar, but I'm actually happier now than I've ever been 5 years ago. A lot of things have happened in and out of SL and although I wished they would move faster, being OLD, I have learned that patience has it's rewards and if it's meant to be, it will be, but of course you gotta wish it hard enough.
So, I would like to wish my alter-ego Moon a big thank you for holding up my sanity when times are tough and I felt like giving up.
Ok that's like giving myself a pat on the back :)

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