Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 hours Fundraiser for the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan at Chip's One Night Stand

I wanted to take a few moments to remind that on the 12th of December, a 12 hour marathon fundraiser will be going on at Chip's One Night Stand from noon to midnight SLT. This 'LET's BRING CHRISTMAS to THE PHILIPPINES' fundraiser is organized by the Club Owner and Performer Chip Takacs and 13 of the best Music Performers in SL is contributing their time for this benefit and your enjoyment.

All proceeds from this event will be given to the Salvation Army.

Also, for my part, I have put out a couple of gifts as a token of my appreciation to you, not my houses because those free houses you can get at the marketplace or my store, but some tees and jacket. Hope you'll like them.

note* I might not be around for most of the benefit because I am welcoming my first grandchild to the house and cooking for my daughter-in-law and it will probably be a chaotic time for me but the SHOW MUST GO ON! Have Fun!


It was a job well done! It exceeded our expectation.
Thank you to all the awesome performers who donated their time and money and to the fans and hosts who made this event a success!
As soon as I get a copy of the receipt of the proceeds to the Salvation Army from the Organizer, I will post it on this blog so that you know your donations(and mine) went to where it's meant to go.
Thank you Everyone :)

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