Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This doll is not dead yet

While deciding what to build next, I went to the Summer Break Festival and found a store I never heard of before. Today all the dresses come from Dead Dollz.

Polka dots again. Baby Jane by Dead Dollz. Dead Dollz is a store I never expected to find anything I'd like to buy and yes I am guilty of judging a store by it's name. I thought it would be goth. I guess a stylist would be able to turn this sweet countrified dress into goth style, but not me. It just look sweet to me as it is without any embellishment. It has a hud with 2 colours. And I was bowled over by the way the texture look. That little bit of shimmer.

After I saw this dress, I went to the mainstore and was suitably impressed and bought more.

Next is Lullaby, another sweet dress. It has a hud with 3 colours. My avatar doesn't really have long legs, but the high heels and the ultra short hem makes it look like she does.Word of caution. You have to wear undies because the alpha layer doesn't cover the lower bits:p

I love figure hugging gowns. Lunggo Addio has a hud like the rest of the other dresses and this one comes in 3 colours.

This is Lunggo Addio in blush.
And the special offer at the Festival is the bikini set. It comes with a hud with 5 colours.

The bikini top is versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts or shorts.

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